Transportation and Parking

Transportation & Parking (T&P) around the new Mosaic Stadium


The new Mosaic Stadium is a community destination in the heart of our city. Like other modern stadiums in major municipalities across North America, Regina’s is a destination experience where event-goers can enjoy convenient access to a growing number of amenities in the area, undisrupted by vehicles and parking lots.

In keeping with the spirit of the Regina Revitalization Initiative itself, new approaches to stadium T&P are an essential part of our urbanization, growth and evolving economy.

We’ve given careful thought to the best approach to transportation and parking. In addition to collaborating with partners, including Evraz Place and the Saskatchewan Roughriders, we have consulted with area community associations and businesses.

Info Session #1:

On July 27, we hosted an information session for residents of areas surrounding the new stadium. Nearly 100 residents dropped by to hear about how traffic and parking might affect their neighbourhoods.

Info Session #2:

On September 20, we hosted the second information session on Transportation and Parking around the new stadium. 125 residents came out to hear and discuss key aspects of our approach. As we test more, we’ll know more, and so will the public.

Transportation and Parking at Test Event #1


Top 3 things to know about T&P around the new stadium

Safe – Our T&P Plan is about keeping event-goers and area neighbourhoods safe. How? By reducing vehicular traffic, effectively managing the flow of people and encouraging alternate modes of travel.

Free – Every way to go to major events is free! Ride the bus on us, grab shuttles from malls and downtown, cycle, or carpool with friends.

Fun – We want your way to go to be easy and accessible so you and your friends can focus on enjoying the experience.

Want the scoop on our full T&P Plan? We want everyone to understand the Plan and to stay informed and engaged as it takes shape.


Boards from our September 20 information session:


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