In 2016, the City celebrated the history of Mosaic Stadium in its final Farewell Season as home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

A variety of City-led activities gave residents and community groups unique access to the venue from May to September. The Roughrider played their final home game there on October 29, 2016.

In the spring of 2017, nearly 400 hours of community programming will continue at the historic stadium. Once the new stadium is officially opened, all programming will be transitioned and the decommissioning and demolition process will begin.

Taking home a piece of century-old history will be possible!

To bid on items up for auction at historic Mosaic Stadium visit McDougallBay.com


What does “decommissioning” mean?

Decommissioning Taylor Field stadium means that all City-owned surplus assets and memorabilia will be disbursed in accordance with City policies. Revenue generated through the sale of City-owned assets will offset the cost of demolition. Surplus assets will be either removed, reused or sold.

Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club (SRFC) will execute the removal and disbursement of its owned assets in accordance with its Lease and License Agreement.

Cost and method of demolition will be determined once a contractor is selected, along with a detailed safety plan.

Over the course of this process, we will strive to mitigate and communicate any impacts to the community of the work being performed.



Since the structure was built in many phases, it’s decommissioning and demolition is anticipated to be a complex process.

June 2017 Public procurement process to award a contract for demolition
Mid- July 2017 Community programming moved to the new Mosaic Stadium
July – August 2017 Sale and removal of surplus assets and memorabilia
September – December 2017 Deconstruction of all above grade elements
December 2017 – April 2018 Site restoration


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